Easy to use in all of your JS supported environnements, learn more about the usage or implementation method of this cool and light-weight, (form) data service.

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Multi Platform Support does not really matter what platform you want use. It is all based on plain JS, it will work out-of-the-box with your Umbraco, WordPress, or Single One Pages project.. Or whatever..The important thing is.. You choose!

Clean, Secure and Fast server-side coding and frustrated developers wasting their time, everything is there already.. Automatated form tests, Spam filtering, Bot detection (block algorithm), Data Encryption, Data Exporting, Real-time (DATA) monitoring and mutch more..
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Super AVG compliant

All data is stored on an external storage. No more headaches, about who can and cannot see sensative form data, everything is protected by using the AlienForms.API.